Refresh and Reboot Yoga Training!

Here is what people say!

Wow! What can I say about such a life changing inspiring experience, other than, I recommend you Take it!

No matter what components of your yoga practice you want to deepen, the Refresh and Reboot with SOYA will take you there. The structure of the teachings is so thorough and change provoking.

How sad that I needed to be reminded of ALL the VAST number of components yoga has to offer, but I did. I am SO grateful it was done this way, as I have now embraced other parts of yoga I hadn’t before (mudras, mantras, the Power of Sanskrit!)

I know now without a doubt that I will be a better teacher because of it. Most importantly, for me personally, it has reminded me of what yoga does for me, the peace that it can bring me. The reason that it is the center of my dharma.

May you become a part of the SOYA yoga family and feel the love and support that it brings.

Refresh and Reboot Yoga TrainingThis program offered a rare opportunity to learn from one of the best teachers I have ever met. (As a side note, I am entering my 15th year of post-secondary studies – I have had a LOT of teachers). Mugs’ depth of yoga knowledge is unparalleled to any teacher  I have had, which brought me deeper into knowing who I am in relation to the yoga world we collectively uncovered.

Refresh Reboot Yoga Training

Are you a 200 or 500 Hour Yoga Teacher feeling called to revitalize and deepen your yoga practice and teaching repertoire? Get re-inspired with what you teach with SOYA’s Refresh and Reboot Yoga Training!

Do you feel your Teacher Training was missing something?  Did you receive thorough study in the Yoga Sutras, Chakras, Koshas or The Bhagavad Gita? Upanishads or Hatha Yoga Pradipika? Did you learn leadership skills in Meditation, Mantra, or Pranayama?

Are you confident teaching the benefits, precautions and modifications of numerous asanas? Using props or sequencing to more challenging poses?

Expand your skills and knowledge in the SOYA Refresh and Reboot Yoga Training! It is open for any 200/500 Hour RYT grads based on your level of certification!

Yoga teacher training can create profound shifts within, and there are numerous layers to understanding the incredible depths of vast teachings of yoga. Learning the yogic terminology, philosophical truths, the numerous ways to teach asanas can be overwhelming at the start. And what about sequencing poses or creating lesson plans for classes? As it finally all starts to make sense there are many “ah ha” moments, and then you wish you could do it all over to get more out of it!

We want to support you in your unfolding and flourishing!

The unfolding layers of your yoga practice can create an enriched learning experience for the evolving yogi! Come back to the learning space and take in the daily practices of mantra, meditation, pranayama, chanting, philosophical discussion and regular asana practice. Reinvigorate your teaching journey!