As yoga teachers it is very important to protect yourself with insurance. Often a community centre, yoga studio or gym will not hire you if you do not have personal insurance coverage. When looking for insurance, you want it to cover you for all of your operations, such as:

1) If you teach regular daily or weekly yoga classes.
2) If you own a studio and have teachers contracted under you. By having contractors working for you, you could be named in a suit or claim that arises from them.
3) If you are a lead trainer for a teacher training. The exposure for doing teacher training is different than being a yoga class teacher. You can be named in a suit or claim with or independently of the school you are contracting for. The school and the teachers contracted should both have their own insurance – your policy would to defend you and the school’s policy would defend them.
4) If you own a Yoga School.
5) If you teach out of country.

Below are a few providers of Liability Insurance for Yoga Teachers. There are many providers out there, but these were the most reasonably priced we could find, and you can buy directly from them. Rates and provisions are subject to change – please check with each provider.  We are hoping hope this information is helpful to you.


Arthur J Gallagher Canada Liability insurance provided for members of Yoga Alliance. Rates from $170 for RYT teachers and $320 and up for RYS schools. Gary Leinwand at 902-422-2868 or email  and visit


Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers  Providers for Canadian Fitness Liability Insurance.  Call 905-525-7259 or 1-800-661-1518 or fill in the online quote form at


Lackner McLennan Professional and General Liability Insurance Providers.  Rates start at $225/year.  Please Contact Group Departent at or 1-877-768-2262 or visit


Holman Insurance Brokers Ltd at  offers Yoga, Fitness and Dance Insurance liability policy for $175 a year, without joining an association.  Please Contact Peter Fetherston at or 905-886-5630 Ext 1428.


CJ Campbell Insurance offers Insurance for Yoga Instructors in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Complete an online quote and get your policy in minutes. Contact Megan at 1-800-716-7873 or visit


Toole Peet Insurance  Contact Adam Thompson 403-209-5447 or . Special rates for Yoga Association of Alberta teachers