Yoga of Renovations

Yoga of Renovations

by Kamala Wilkie, SOYA lead trainer, E-RYT500

I received word late August that my Purple Lotus Yoga studio lease wouldn’t be renewed. After the initial hurricane of emotions, I rolled up my sleeves & got to work finding us a new location and team to make magic happen.

This will be my third studio creation in eight years. Through the uncertainty and creative process I’ve learned a few things.

  1. These yoga tools work. Deep breathing and holding fast to your reasons for creating the space are the difference between losing your mind when there are delays or unexpected expenses and adapting to the situation. Asana can keep your body ready to paint, haul, lift and squat for long periods and it’s what helps bring it back to balance after a long day of reno activities.
  2. Your vision can and hopefully will evolve. Sometimes, what you want versus what is in the budget are different things! Instead of staying attached to the original vision, allow it to morph as you gain information. It’s an awesome opportunity to refine your discernment around what is truly important to the flow of energy in your space (and life).
  3. Your team is what creates the magic. Your support network, contractor, friends, students, family. You literally cannot manifest this creation alone so be on the watch for awesome people who share your studio love or who just have a passion for the skill they bring to the table. Surround yourself with a team with all kinds of different personalities- the realist, the cheerleader, the devil’s advocate, the scientist, the poet the athlete. Invite them into parts of the decision making process. If renovations are not your strong suit (they definitely aren’t mine!) gather as much information from these people as possible and then make decisions based on how this information aligns with your vision.
  4. Open to Grace. Make skillful actions with a vision in mind while staying receptive to the flow of life. Intend for and trust the right space will present itself to you, the right people will come into your life to manifest it and that you will have all the resources you need.

The last one, in my experience, is the most important.  In fact never mind points 1-3. #4 is truly the yoga of renovation.

Blessings to you in any sacred space creation you are embarked upon. As with anything, the more intention you put behind it, the more vibrant it will become.

Kamala WilkieKamala Wilkie, SOYA E-RYT500 lead trainer, will be leading the SOYA extended 200 hour teacher training from March-June at Purple Lotus Yoga’s new location, #60 Calgary Ave, Penticton. She also leads the spring 200 hour immersion teacher training at Sorrento Centre in Feb/March 2017.

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