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Yoga Workshops with Mugs and Bob McConnell

Join Mugs and Bob McConnell for yoga workshops  rooted in classical systems of yoga. Mugs has over 40 years of practicing and studying yoga in the Sivananda lineage, and Bob’s passion for tantra yoga, they willingly share their skill and knowledge in these classical systems of the past with a relevance for today.

Robert McConnell

Wednesdays, Sept 23rd – Nov. 18th 2015. “Healing From a Tantric Perspective”, Level 1, with Bob McConnell, 500hr.

The definition of healing is “to become whole”. Connect with the body, mind and spirit and join us on a path towards letting go of negative patterns, behaviours and emotions.
Through an 8 class series we will explore and deepen our meditation, mantra, pranayama and asana practice.
  • The meditation practice of Prana Dharana. Learn to access your own prana shakti and use it to heal.
  • The Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra is an exceptional mantra for healing.
  • Alternate nostril breathing to help maintain the flow of energy in the nadis.
  • Gentle asana to help create energy and access the deep and darker areas of the body that need healing. 
This practice will empower you to understand and to be in touch with your true self as you go through your daily life.
This series is for all practitioners of yoga. Most of us carry past hurts and buried feelings.  In Tantra yoga, the focus is too bring balance and nourishment to the lower chakras. As we stabilize the lower chakras, we create a foundation within our self for our spiritual path.
Each class is linked to each other, and lays a foundation for the next class. The sessions will be recorded and if you miss a class, a recording and class sequence will be sent to you.
A basic knowledge of yoga is preferable, but an open mind is more important.
Drop ins are welcome.
Cost: $96.00 + GST for 8 sessions or $15.00 drop in.
Location: Breathe Yoga Studio, Sorrento BC.
Registration: Email for more information. Register HERE

Mugs-listening2015 Workshops with Mugs McConnell, E-RYT500. All workshops are eligible for Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Teachers Association.


Oct 2-4, Master Class Retreat with Mugs, Sorrento Centre, Sorrento, BC.

Going Deeper: A Sadhana Yoga Retreat. Join Mugs for a weekend workshop of yoga based on the content of her forthcoming book, “Letters from the Masters: The Life of a Forgotten Yogi”.  For all the delicious details click here to go to the Retreats page.



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