Used with permission from Dr. Lorin Roche

The main thing you will experience is rhythm, the continuous ebb and flow of many intersecting rhythms, because that is what life is. Your body and mind are composed of complex symphonies of rhythms.

The sensuous texture of meditation is infinitely varied: there are all kinds of subtle sensations, internal imagery, and sound effects. Experience changes moment-to-moment and is always sort of a surprise, like a good movie. One moment you will be in the bliss of an inner vacation, then suddenly you will be thinking of your laundry list. You will never have exactly the same experience twice.

In general, your experience will probably move among the following:

  • Relaxation and relief.
  • Sorting through thoughts about your daily life.
  • Reviewing the emotions you felt during the day and giving them a chance to resolve.
  • Brief moments of deep quiet and inner peace.
  • Near-sleep and dreamlike images.
  • Healing: re-experiencing and then letting go of old hurts.
  • Tuning up: your nervous system fine-tuning itself to the optimal level of alertness.

Every thirty seconds or so, you will probably find your body shifting from one to another of these moods or modes.

You may feel relaxed during all these phases, but the aim of meditation is not relaxation. Meditation is an evolutionary instinct that works to make you more alert and capable of adapting after meditation.

Excerpt from Meditation Made Easy book by Dr. Lorin Roche. Dr. Lorin Roche will hold a free Global telegathering meditation on Thursday, March 19th at 5pm PT. To sign up go to