Viparita Dandasana: Supported Straight Rod Pose

Viparita Dandasana: Supported Straight Rod Pose. Feeling a bit tired after a long day of activity? Viparita Dandasana creates mobility in spine and shoulders, releases tension in diaphragm, and increases circulation throughout adrenal and thyroid glands. As a side note, it counteracts depression and mood swings while it relieves fatigue.

Please note, if you are suffering from a migraine or undergoing chemotherapy, Viparita Dandasana is not recommended.

Required Props for Viparita Dandasana:

  1. Two Rectangular Bolsters (One Horizontal/One Vertical).
  2. Four Foam Blocks.
  3. Five Blankets.
  4. Two Chip Foam Blocks.
  5. Yoga Strap.
  6. Elastic to fit your feet.

PropsMethod for Viparita Dandasana:

  • Place two vertical foam blocks together at the wall.
  • Place one rectangular bolster horizontal across the middle of the mat.
  • Place a second bolster vertical on top of it with the widest and a foam block under each end of the vertical bolster for support.
  • In front of the vertical bolster (the end away from the wall) place two narrowly folded vertical blankets. Ahead of these stack 1-2 foam blocks with a folded blanket on top of them.
  • Have 2 folded blankets on each side of your mat for your hands to rest on. Now you are set up!
  • Apply a strap to your mid-thighs to hold thighs in place.
  • Apply a toe elastic to each big toe to hold your ankles in place
  • Recline into the pose as shown above, with your feet against the wall.
  • Make sure your shoulders fall off the bolster onto the blankets.

 Modification #1:  If you have back pain, then raise the height of your heels by stacking two more foam blocks under the heels. Still pain? Then add another two foam blocks to the stack.

Modification #2:  If you have neck pain, then place another folded blanket under your head. The spine should be effortlessly in a concave position thanks to the support of the bolster and blankets.

By Helen Mikuska, SOYA, E-RYT500

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