Trikonasana: Triangle Pose, by Kamala Wilkie
I was in my first yoga session ever and repeatedly experiencing the shock and “how did this happen?” inquiry of a stuck and limited body. At 24 I was scared and appalled at the Tin Man inner experience of my in-class Triangle Pose. So I took it on as my pet project. Everyday. And I watched it coax space, light and freedom into the musculature around my pelvis and hamstring.
If you too need a little lubrication in your hips, length in your hamstring and ease in your lower back, I invite you to try a regular Trikonasana Pose on for size.
Here’s How:
1. From the front of your mat in Mountain Pose, take a giant step back with your right foot (aim for a leg’s length between your front and back foot.) Face your right toes to the long edge of the mat and keep your left toes face the front. Aim for intersecting your right arch with your left heel.
Your pelvis and shoulders ought to square to the long edge of the mat also.
2. Anchor through the left mound of the big toe and the outer corners of your right foot. Draw up from feet to sacrum so you feel energy gathering in the core of your pelvis.
3. Inhale, lengthen your spine and raise your arms to shoulder height.
4. Exhale, extend your upper body forward over your left leg (as though someone was pulling you forward by your left hand) and then place your left hand on your left thigh, shin or floor.
5. Take your inner thighs back and apart then scoop your tailbone towards your right foot (to keep length in the lower back).
6. Now root from your pelvis into the floor and lean back with your shoulder blades and head.
7. Look down at your left foot and assess if your head and shoulders look like they are forward of the foot and leg. If so, slide your left hand up higher on your left leg until you get a sense of being in a straight line or mildly behind the left leg. Rest your gaze upward according to neck comfort.
8. Stay for 5-20 breaths.
9. Inhale, press though your legs and rise to standing. Exhale, return both feet to the front of your mat in Mountain Pose. Repeat trikonasana on the other side.
Balance challenges-do your Trikonasana with your back against the wall. Also try placing your back foot out of alignment with your front foot.
Neck sensitivity- gaze forward or down.
Limited range of motion- narrow your stance
I still do Trikonasana everyday. It’s the equivalent of brushing my teeth for my adductors, hamstring and lower back. I do it because when those parts are free and moving optimally, the rest of my life is more enjoyable.
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