Savasana for Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga: Letting Go of Edges!!!

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Article contributed by NATASHA SCOTT, SOYA,ERYT500, IYTA. Natasha is lead trainer for the SOYA Teacher Training and will be leading a SUP Teacher Training Saturday, Sept 13th from 10am to 6pm at Summerland Lakeshore Fitness. For more information please contact

The gifts that teaching SUPYOGA have given me are far beyond anything I could have ever expected.  The peace of the water. The freedom of having a lake all to yourself. The open-ness of asanas in a new way…..but the best gift of all is this:  SUPYOGA has offered me laughter with  people I barely know, it breaks down walls when given the chance to LET GO and FALL IN.

Fall in to water, to freedom, to open-ness, to peace. It allows you to reclaim your sense of humor with yourself, all the while having moments of incredible strength and balance.   After all the splashes, the toddler steps, the hugging to center, the riding of the waves ….we rest. We rest in SHAVASANA on our boards and take it all in.

Lying on our backs on our boards letting the gentle ripples and waves rock us into pratayahara.  My Favorite asana on my SUP****


Eyes Closed.  Let the arms and hands float in the water.   Slowing down your breath. Watching the inhalations and exhalations….creating a softer and longer breath.  Watch how your body responds to the waves of your breath.

Take your awareness right up to the crown of your head for a body scan.

Slowly move down thru your body checking in with how everything is feeling.  Notice places where you feel evidence of your practice, warm fuzzy like sensations where prana is flowing like water.

With your awareness at your feet soften you feet. Relax your feet. Relax your feet.

Fully relax your legs. Let the legs feel heavy fully relax your legs.

Let the knee caps feel like they are floating.

Soften the lower back, let the lower back sink, creating spaciousness thru the lower back.

Feel your breath at your lower lungs. Feel the ribs expand on the inhalation and feel the breath come back to center back home on the exhalation.

Soften your heart center. Soften thru the front side of the heart center,  soften the back side of the heart center, in between those shoulder blades, the sides of your heart center…relax the heart center.

Let the shoulder’s sink. Relax the shoulders, let the shoulders fully relax.

Fully relax your arms, as you relax your arms let them float. Relax your arms.

Soften your hands. Feel the water thru your fingers and fully relax your hands.

Relax your neck. Soften thru the front side thru your throat. Soften the back side of your neck, and soften the sides of your neck…fully relax your neck.

Soften your jaw, relax your jaw, relax the jaw.

Let the tongue sink right down to the bottom of your mouth. Relax your tongue. Relax the tongue.

Let there be a natural space between your teeth and your lips.

The space between your eyebrows; make it even bigger.

Relax the eyes, let the eyes feel soft and light, relax the eyes.

Soften your forehead, creating spaciousness thru your forehead, relax your forehead.

Let the entire face feel soft and light.

Relax your scalp. Soften the scalp. Let the ears feel like they are sinking.

Staying right here just above sleep…. fully enjoy all the sensations outside of you…the sun, the warm breeze, the water….and then fully enjoy all the sensations inside of you….the lightness, the warmth …..

A few minutes of silence.

Bring to seated. Finish with quote:

“The wave rises in the sea, and having arisen appears to have its own form, to be a “thing to itself”. In fact, however, the wave is always and everywhere one with the sea. It arises from and returns to the sea. It is made of the same stuff as the sea. It is the sea in every way. Indeed, even in the fullness of its apparent individual being “wave-ness”- it is never really other than the sea.” Stephen Cope

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