A Shaman and Ayahuasca Retreat for Men

Sacred Journeys and Yoga

“Ayahuasca opens up parts of yourself that you usually have no access to. The parts of the brain that hold emotional memories come together with those parts that modulate insight and awareness, so you see past experiences in a new way.” Dr. Gabor Maté

Looking for change? Wanting to take your personal spiritual quest to another level? Do you have the need for healing and understanding of who you are?

Come to Samai Lodge in southern Ecuador. Where the jungle meets the sea. Stay in comfort, be nourished with wonderful food and relax into the experience of the indigenous use of ayahuasca and tobacco.

Samai means Spirit in Quichua native language. You can not only feel the spirit, but as you journey inward you can also see the spirits. The knowledge that unfolds as we work with the plant medicines are truly enriching and life changing.

Our journeys take place in the Alishina Wasi, which means “Home of Vision, Visionary House, or House of Dreams.

Why come to Ecuador to experience plant medicines?

  1. In Ecuador Shamans are certified. This way you know you are dealing with experienced and well trained Shamans.
  2. Ayahuasca in Ecuador is a legal medicine.
  3. The Ayahuasca is of a different nature to the Peruvian Ayahuasca.
  4. The additive that goes with the Ayahuasca vine is Chali Panga and is a more powerful visionary and less physically taxing than the Chacruna additive in Peru. Plus it is tastier than the Peruvian.
  5. The visions of Chali Panga are more spiritual, less heavy and frightening.
  6. Be in an environment that helps support your journey and not challenge you with rustic accommodation and poor quality food.
  7. Daily integration will help you express your experience and understand what has happened.

Who is this Retreat for and why just men.

  1. This retreat is for men who are seekers of their own truth.
  2. People that have been exploring their spirituality and are looking for answers or a new direction
  3. When we have traumatic events in this life or past lives, we hold on the negativity, knowingly or unknowingly. Bringing understanding to these events, allows us to let go and to move on into a more peaceful existence.
  4. Helps with addiction issues.
  5. Why just men? As men our feminine aspects tend to be restricted or suppressed as young boys. We are not allowed to express ourselves in all creative manners. By being oppressed we tend to act out in this same manner. As a group of men we can drop the facade of what “Men” are supposed to be or do. With no women we don’t have to worry about coming to the rescue or fixing someone’s problem. Letting go of our imagery of what a man is and being supported in a group environment is a key aspect to this retreat.
Ayahausca healing

Price $1,075 USD includes:

  • 4 Ayahuasca Journeys
  • 2 Tobacco Journeys
  • 1 Shamanic Healing
  • Daily Asana, meditation, pranayama
  • 6 nights Single accommodation
  • Daily vegetarian breakfast and mid-afternoon meals (No eating after 3:00)

Not included: flights, airport transportation to and from Retreat Centre and all spa activities.

The Shamans:

Tania Duran Tuttle

Tania Duran Tuttle

Is from Cuenca a city in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. She is a Journalist and a RRPP consultant. At the moment she manages Samai Ocean View Lodge and is a spiritual Retreats and Shamanic Journeys facilitator.

She has studied from 1997 with Ecuadorian Shamans: “the Bird People” from the Andes Mountains and the Ayahuasqueros from the Amazon Rainforest. In her practice she includes ancient Andean and Amazonian healing techniques, ceremonies, and rituals as well as shamanic Feng Shui and Tarot cards.

Ed Tuttle

Ed Tuttle

Has been on a spiritual path for over 30 years, studying and practicing Buddhist meditation, Christian mysticism and Shamanism. He has studied with Zen masters, lived with Andean shamans and spent many nights deep in the rainforest learning of the ancient spiritual systems encoded in the shaman’s cosmology.

The organizer:

Bob (Roberto) McConnell

I been involved in the practice of yoga since I met my lovely wife Mugs in 1996. Co-owner of SOYA since 2008 and I received my certification for the SOYA 200hr yoga teacher training in 2009. In 2013 I received my 300hr upgrade from the Himalayan Institute and I have been a practitioner and teacher of tantric yoga since.

Since a young child I have always had a fascination with 1st Nations culture and spirituality. This was emphasized in the summer of 2016 when we travelled the North West corner of British Columbia including Haida Gwaii.

We fell deeply in love with their totems, their history and culture. The conversations that we had were truly enriching and life changing.

In October of this same year I had a vision of seeing a Shaman for healing using Ayahuasca. Through a series of events I ended up at Samai Lodge to participate in the Ayahuasca journeys. It was an amazing experience and it was through the trust that I placed in Tania and Ed that allowed me to travel so deeply into the journey. It was at this point I knew I had to come back and bring a group of men to this place.

A place of love, knowledge and where you can surrender into your true self. I plan to share my experience and journeys through my facebook, which I hope you enjoy and hopefully it will benefit you in your own journey towards the true self.