Pre-natal Yoga

Balanced Pre-natal Yoga Class

Creating a Balanced Pre-natal Yoga Class

by Natasha Scott, E-RYT500, RPYT, SOYA lead trainer

I never planned on teaching it,
Prenatal Yoga.
It found me.
And I questioned it.
Read books, watched videos, and taught a few classes feeling so intimidated by my lack of knowledge.
Who was I to teach Prenatal Yoga?
I decided to take a course; a Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training.
It changed me.
It left me sitting in my car in Calgary AB bawling my eyes out about my own births.
If only I had known what was taught between those walls for my births.   I had honestly never realized how important to me my births were!
I never knew this wealth of information, tools, and beautiful empowerment existed!!
And so the fire began.
I have been sitting in circles of women and their babes in bellies for close to a decade.  I have laughed, cried, listened, and shared all of the sacred wisdom of pre and post-natal women. Women supporting women on the most sacred of journeys.
Even if in the moment you are not aware of how sacred the pre-natal journey is, I hope one day you will look back and feel support and love.
That you will know that you partook in wisdom between walls that somehow carried you. Carried you into the most amazing experience this life has ever offered me….

Natasha ScottEnjoy Natasha Scott’s interview with Kenna Riplinger, and learn more on creating a balanced prenatal yoga class, here on Pranic Body youtube channel.

Natasha Scott, E-RYT500, RPYT, is a SOYA lead trainer for the 200 hour immersion in Sorrento this Feb/March. She is also a doula and offers prenatal yoga classes at her studio. Her next Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training is Nov. 2017. All info is at

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