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Breath of Bliss

The Breath of Bliss Journey by Carla Wainwright, M.Sc., E-RYT500, IYTA, SOYA When Prana awakens within you, you embrace the transcendental consciousness of the Divine.  At this year’s SOYA Annual Yoga Retreat I will be facilitating a special Breath of Bliss ceremony on the Saturday evening, June 3rd. Breath of Bliss is a presence practice exploring breath, movement […]

Upanishad Mantra Meditation

The Upanishad Mantra Meditation is one of my favourites in Letters from the Yoga Masters on page 165.  It includes four mantras that are intended to help awaken our consciousness to the spirit within. Along with the mantras we visualize the flow of prana. I have slightly modified this version of the meditation for flow. To hear […]

Vinyasa of Life

The Vinyasa of Life – by Carla Wainwright, SOYA lead trainer, E-RYT500 “There is nothing permanent except change.” So goes the quote from the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. In life things arise, they abide and then they dissolve. Our asana practice also mirrors this cycle of impermanence. In Vinyasa we connect to the smooth flow […]

Letters from the Yoga Masters

Book Study Groups: Letters from the Yoga Masters Article by Cindy Szekely, E-RYT500, Lead Trainer for SOYA Every Wednesday evening in Mackenzie, BC, for the past several years I have had the wonderful opportunity to share yoga practices and teachings with an amazing community of yogis, hungry to practice yoga while delving into yoga philosophy […]

Breath of Bliss

What is Breath of Bliss™? Saturday night at the SOYA Annual Retreat, everyone will be invited to experience the Breath of Bliss with Carla Wainwright, SOYA Lead Trainer. Breathwork is a ancient practice. Since the dawn of humanity, peoples across the planet have used the breath as a gateway into transcendental realms, expanded emotions, life changing […]

Yoga of Renovations

Yoga of Renovations by Kamala Wilkie, SOYA lead trainer, E-RYT500 I received word late August that my Purple Lotus Yoga studio lease wouldn’t be renewed. After the initial hurricane of emotions, I rolled up my sleeves & got to work finding us a new location and team to make magic happen. This will be my […]

Balanced Pre-natal Yoga Class

Creating a Balanced Pre-natal Yoga Class by Natasha Scott, E-RYT500, RPYT, SOYA lead trainer I never planned on teaching it, Prenatal Yoga. It found me. And I questioned it. Read books, watched videos, and taught a few classes feeling so intimidated by my lack of knowledge. Who was I to teach Prenatal Yoga? I decided […]

The Chakra Energy System

The Chakra Energy system is a concept used by many different modalities and disciplines. These energetic portals or vortices are often thought of as access points to life energy in the body. Working with the Chakras is found in healing work around the world including, but certainly not limited to; Reiki (Japanese Energy Healing), Ayurveda (Yogic […]

The Conscious Breath

The conscious breath – by Carla Wainwright, E-RYT500, SOYA Did you know that the breath is the only function of the body that can be done both consciously and unconsciously? When we bring awareness to our breathing, we are really practicing taking something unconscious, or automatic, and making it conscious. This is a powerful practice […]

Yoga for the Shoulders

Submitted by Helen Mikuska, E-RYT500, IYTA, SOYA, WAYT, YACEP, in Calgary, AB With the shoulder joint’s high mobility, there is a decrease in stability.  Primary shoulder injuries are rotator cuff injury, over-use syndrome & tendonitis.  The shoulder girdle acts as a stabilizer to help us carry weight in our arms and also with the support […]