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Neti pot

BRING OUT THE NETI POT! SPRING IS HERE! As spring arrives and the plants come into flower, pollens can begin to play havoc with allergies and sinuses. Spring colds and flus start spreading around as well. The yogic cleansing practice of “Neti” is a perfect first defense. Neti, or nasal irrigation, is an ancient practice […]

Yoga for your Eyes

Yoga for your eyes is important as we use our eyes throughout our days; for work and play.  Keeping them focused and fixed for long periods of time on a computer screen, a highway, the television or reading a book causes strain.  This also limits our peripheral vision; some of the muscles in the eyes […]


Travelling to India for a temple tour alone at age 74! My trip to India for a temple tour was a bit as I had imagined it, and quite a bit more. I had so many ideas and so much advice given to me before I left that it made my trip more secure, comfortable, […]

Viparita Dandasana: Supported Straight Rod Pose

Viparita Dandasana: Supported Straight Rod Pose. Feeling a bit tired after a long day of activity? Viparita Dandasana creates mobility in spine and shoulders, releases tension in diaphragm, and increases circulation throughout adrenal and thyroid glands. As a side note, it counteracts depression and mood swings while it relieves fatigue. Please note, if you are suffering […]

Understanding Contentment

Dr Ananda offers insights into understanding contentment from a yogic point of view. Unexcelled ease and bliss awaits those who manifest the virtue of contentment. Reprinted with permission. Santoshdanuttamah sukhalabhah (Unexcelled ease and bliss awaits those who manifest the virtue of contentment)- Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras II:42 Santosha is contentment. When one achieves that “state” of […]

Kumbhak Pranayama with Bhavana

Practicing kumbhak pranayama with bhavana is a technique of loving kindness, where we develop a mental attitude that is rooted in compassion and love toward ourselves and others. Love is the ultimate expression of God, the Creator. Bhavana means “concentrated thought,” or a loving mental attitude focused on God. This technique on page 68 in […]

Chandra Mantras: “Om Chandraya Namaha!”

Chandra is known as the Moon; the cosmic feminine force and the giver of delight.  The Moon represents the feminine, whereas the Sun is the masculine. The feminine is personified through the three goddesses Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali or Parvati. They portray the three complementary aspects of lunar energy to the masculine energies of Brahma […]

Yoga and Seasonal Affective Disorder

Early November, I woke up with a sinking feeling and an aversion to participating with life.  My old friend Seasonal Affective Disorder, (S.A.D) was back. It has hit me every year for as long as I can remember. I can’t wake up fully, I withdraw from social activities and basically move through my day with […]

Puja Ceremony

The Puja Ceremony by Marion (Mugs) McConnell There is one invisible, formless spirit called Brahman which manifests itself inside every living thing. Hindus believe in one God, and they worship God through the many forms of gods and goddesses known as deities. The gods and goddesses, with all their gifts and strengths and personalities, help […]


EXPLORING ESSENTIAL OILS at the PURA VIDA YOGA RETREAT IN COSTA RICA. Terri McDermott shares a bit about essential oils… After 20+ years working within the medical profession as a Certified Medical Assistant, as well as my education and continued studies of Anatomy, Yoga and Ayurveda, I have come to the realization that nature offers […]