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Bhagavad Gita

The Bhagavad Gita, Mantra, and some of the tougher topics of life at the SOYA Annual Retreat. By Mugs McConnell After each SOYA retreat Bob and I are filled with an overwhelming gratitude to everyone who attends and makes the effort and time to learn together in this very special community of yogis. It is […]

Evolution of Pain Care Yoga

Pain Care Yoga began as a dream. I wanted to step outside the traditional medical setting, to bring my knowledge and experience as a physical therapist to people living in pain through yoga and contemplative practices. Even with lengthy and intensive training in yoga and yoga therapy, I did not feel ready. I wondered why […]

Connecting Through Yoga

Connecting Through Yoga We all long for connection… to others, to the world, and within ourselves.  Connecting through yoga gives us many opportunities to do this. Though the teacher ‘sets the stage’, so to speak, by holding a safe space of acceptance and support, the yoga practitioner has an opportunity in class to engage in […]

Parmesan Crackers and Cannoli

Parmesan Crackers and Cannoli Mugs asked me to make some parmesan crackers the other day so she could take pictures of the process. I prefer making these to other crackers as they are very simple to make. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees. Take a tablespoon of shredded parmesan cheese and put it on a […]


Affirmations as a Tool for Success Affirmations are powerful, but they are not magic. The Fairy Godmother doesn’t appear to transform our lives with a sparkly wand whenever things are tough, as most of us know. When we want to achieve something significant, for ourselves or for others, it’s pretty certain that we will have […]

Spiritual Liberation

Liberation: Spiritual Freedom Now or Later Spiritual liberation is realization of our innermost essence, the Self. This can occur after death or even before the body and mind have disintegrated. The latter form of freedom is known as “living liberation.” If it qualitatively the same as the former and is often known as enlightenment. In […]

Grieving and Yoga

The Yogic Path of Grieving by Brenda L. Feuerstein I’d like to start by stressing that in terms of grief I don’t believe there is something to overcome, get over, and go through in some systemic manner, and there is no right and wrong way to grieve. Grief is a natural response to the loss […]

Purna Shalabhasana – Locust Pose

Progressions to Purna Shalabhasana- the Full Locust Pose The Locust pose is a dynamic pose; a full body energizer and an excellent backbend for chest opening. The full pose is rather intimidating to most, but there are many ways to modify it so it becomes accessible. Here are a few progressions into the deeper forms […]


Asana: Malasana, Garland Pose or Squat Malasana is an excellent pose for transitioning from standing asanas to the floor. It opens the hips, improves balance, and is a great prenatal pose. In this photo, the hands are placed together in Namaskara mudra. However, the arms can also wrap around the knees, clasping the hands behind […]

Mala Beads

What are Mala Beads? A mala is a garland of 108 beads used to count the recitation of mantras. Mala is Sanskrit for garland. Malas are used in Eastern spiritual practices, but more than 2/3’s of the world population uses prayer beads in their spiritual practice including Christians (Catholic rosary), Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.  They […]