Slide backgroundWe endeavour to open students’ world up to the many paths available to them so that they may find their paths.
Slide background"The paths are many, the Truth is One” -Swami Sivananda
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Goal: To provide Internationally recognized yoga instruction infused with classical wisdom and philosophy as well as modern day advances, to any people who wish to learn, regardless of physical limitations.

Mission:  To offer ongoing yoga education for all levels of practitioners through yoga teacher training, workshops and an annual yoga retreat with world renowned presenters.  Master classes are offered for more advanced interests.

Values:  To teach the origins of yoga to ensure yoga practitioners and teachers are exposed to the roots and basics, all while incorporating modern day wisdom and knowledge that is current for today.  We strive to teach these classical aspects of yoga beyond asana to practitioners and teachers in a non-threatening, inclusive environment.

Lineage: More than 40 years ago, SOYA co-founder Marion (Mugs) McConnell studied with a great yoga master, Dr. Hari Dickman. He passed on to her an immense amount of teachings that were passed down to him from masters in several lineages. Mugs has shared these teachings in her book, “Letters from the Yoga Masters”, so students can continue to carry forward these classical techniques. The depth and breadth of the SOYA Teacher Training embraces unity in all yogis, regardless of their paths and styles of yoga. SOYA holds dear to its heart the words of Swami Sivananda, “The paths are many but the Truth is One.”

Mugs and Bob

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