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Extra Gentle Yoga

Extra Gentle Yoga: A free video class AND a discount on her retreat!

By Natasha Scott, E-RYT500, IYTA, SOYA lead trainer for Penticton, BC

One day a co-teacher asked me to substitute teach a gentle yoga class for her. I had no idea how to teach this as I had never in my life been to a gentle class. To prepare myself I started taking gentle yoga classes so I could know and learn about them. I as blown away!!

As a teacher I found gentle classes much harder to teach. Often there were people with physical issues that needed awareness and compassion, much more so than what I find in flow classes. I soon realized I needed to learn more about gentle yoga.

It was in my stars that I would be connected with fellow yogi and friend, Neil Pearson – Canada’s top physiotherapist for Chronic Pain. Life would have it that he was going to offer a course for yoga teachers and physiotherapists on chronic pain. I took that course and was his first ever graduate (and I look forward to further courses with him!)

It was through this course that I knew I wanted to create a yoga class beyond gentle; a class for calming the nervous system in profound ways. A class to honor and invite all students with injuries and illnesses who may have been scared to go to a regular yoga class. This is how my Extra Gentle Yoga was born. The asanas are mostly done while seated, lying on the back, or legs up the wall, I also include restorative and supported asanas. There are no standing asanas, nor poses on the hands and knees as as these can often be limiting.

I have been so inspired by my Extra Gentle Yoga students that I have created a video for their continued practice and for others to learn how to teach extra gentle yoga.  It is now on SOYA’s youtube channel for all to view!  I hope you enjoy this practice!  TAKE Natasha’s CLASS ON THE SOYA YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Natasha2Natasha Scott, E-RYT500, is a Lead Trainer for the SOYA Yoga Teacher Training program in the Okanagan. She is leading a fun and adventurous Summer Yoga Retreat at God’s Mountain Estate August 4th to 8thwith hiking, yoga and SUP, great food and more! And because it is the month of LOVE, Natasha is offering you $200 off the retreat, valid this month only! Pay your deposit for this wildly beautiful retreat you will receive a $200 shot of love discount!