Best Birth book

Quick Tips to Best Birth

It’s your Baby. The busy woman’s guide to a stress free pregnancy and birth. 

By Rosie McCaffrey, RN, Master Social Health, IYTA

Best Birth bookThis is the first in a series of books that privileges the voice of pregnant women. It is written by my sponsoring teacher in IYTA, Rosie McCaffrey who as a nurse, counselor and yoga teacher who spent over twenty years collecting the knowledge that is held in this book.

As a thirty something, pregnant for the first time young woman, I attended Rosie’s classes twice a week. I gained many precious insights to birth and mothering, mental strength strategies and mindfulness techniques, as well as the traditional yoga techniques and pregnancy modifications that Rosie was so expertly versed in.

In “Quick Tips for Best Birth: It’s your baby. The busy women’s guide to a stress free pregnancy and birth” Rosie explores the many issues that modern women face on their journey to motherhood. The book busts quite a few myths and stereotypes, which can cause problems for contemporary women and results in high intervention rates in birth.

This book is about planning your pregnancy. Rosie advises that mental strength is as important as physical strength, and as with any journey you need to plan well if pregnancy is going to be stress free. You need to know where you are at the start, know where you want to go, what you need to bring, and who your traveling companions will be, and of course you need a map and a guide book. The section explores some of the things you can do when things go wrong, or you take a wrong turn so that you can get back on track and find the best birth outcome for you and your baby.

Rosie’s approach stems from a mindfulness practice of yoga, which is strongly supported by current research as highly beneficial through pregnancy. I believe the book will be invaluable to both pregnant women and those who teach them yoga.


Best Birth coaching is taking technology and innovation to the next level in interactive book publishing.  Throughout this book you will see scanable QR codes that will allow you to watch, listen, learn, visit and download information relevant to the topics within this book. Enjoy the experience!

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Shoulder stretch

Yoga for Shoulders

The shoulder girdle acts as a stabilizer to help us carry weight in our arms and also with the support of your spine.  Alignment of the shoulder girdle is vital not only for the health of your shoulder joints, but also for the health of your spine.  Your shoulders are open when the shoulder girdle supports the natural Helen shoulders 1curve of your spine.  The shoulder muscles are conditioned for great mobility and these muscles must be balanced on all sides of the shoulder joint for optimum stability.   Every time we lift our arms, many shoulder muscles are activated and because of the structure of the shoulder girdle misalignment of the shoulders leads to misuse and abuse of our shoulders.  Below is a sample of a few of the exercises we will be practicing in this workshop:

Standing Shoulder Strap Kayaking:

a) Standing with a strap made to be slightly wider than shoulder distance.  Helen shoulders 2Hold the rings in one hand.  Flex elbows & raise arms over head & like a lat press keeping elbows bent lower strap behind neck then overhead to in front of chest.  Then keep back movement but  lengthen arms out in front.  Next kayak strap like a figure eight fashion all around body going one direction for 8 then change to other direction.

Modification #1:  Move hands further apart from each other.

Modification #2:  Shorten strap & kayak in front of body.

Standing Strap Cowboy Arms Twist:

Helen shoulders 3In Tadasana holding strap in either hand.  Flex elbows so wrists & shoulders are in line with them.  Inhale, exhale pull strap over to R.  Inhale as you return to the centre.  Exhale pull strap over to L.  Repeat several times.

Standing Strap Eagle Arms Twist:

Even if you can do Garudasana, place hands as if duplicating this pose & hold onto a strap.  Hands will be close together but not touching.  Stand in Tadasana & as you exhale, pull on pieces of strap & twist to R.  Inhale return to centre.  Exhale pull on pieces of strap & twist to L.  Keep scapulae down Helen shoulders 4back.  Repeat several times.



Yoga for Shoulders Workshop

Harmony Yoga Pilates Studio, Calgary

#200, 3160-118th Ave. SE

Facilitator: Helen Mikuska, (E-RYT500, SOYA, IYTA)

Date:         Sunday, April 27, 2014

Time:        1:00-4:00 p.m.

Fee:          $32.25 (incl. gst)

Email:         info@harmonyyogapilates to register

Phone:      403-809-1402