Slide backgroundWe endeavour to open students’ world up to the many paths available to them so that they may find their paths.
Slide background"The paths are many, the Truth is One” -Swami Sivananda
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2015 Workshops with Mugs McConnell, E-RYT500. All workshops are eligible for Continuing Education Units for Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Teachers Association.

April 10-11, Pranava Yoga Studio, Strathmore, AB Vinyasa, Mudra and Mantra and the Chakra System in the Five Tibetan Rites.

Creatively flowing asanas together in a Vinyasa is fun and challenging. Combining Hand Mudras directs the energy or flow of prana. Add Mantra or affirmations with the Vinyasas results in a very powerful effect on the body and the mind – keeping the body limber and comfortable while raising the vibration of our thoughts.

Developed thousands of years ago by Tibetan Monks, the Five Tibetan Rites stimulate the circulation of the “prana” (the life force) throughout the chakras in the subtle body as well as the physical body, encouraging health in every facet of life including thoughts, feelings and physical well-being. We will close the class with a chakra meditation.

More info at To register contact or 587-365-3651


May 23rd, Spirit Yoga, Calgary, AB at Hillhurst United Church.  The Yoga of Forgiveness.

Letting go and exploring asana, mudra, mantra and meditation in sacred space for the art of forgiveness. Asana practice will include the Mandala Salutation with mudras and affirmations as we offer ourselves to the mat, just as we are. The Forgiveness Salutation is a way to release and let go of seeds of attachments we have been holding onto. The day will be fun and full of personal expression through our yoga.

To register contact Beth at or 403-202-0106


June 19-20, Universoul Yoga Studio, Red Deer, AB  Chakras, Mandala Salutation and Expressions of the Gayatri Mantra

Friday night we will explore the Chakras through asana, mudra and meditation. Saturday will include the extensive and lovely Mandala Salutation including hand mudras while our body moves and takes us closer to our center, creating sacred space on our yoga mats. After lunch we will explore the Gayatri Mantra through mudras, mantra, pranayama and the Gayatri Mantra Salutation!

Also coming to Lacombe Yoga Studio, Lacombe, AB (TBA)

To register contact Nicole at  Visit 403-986-3399


Oct 2-4, Master Class Retreat with Mugs, Sorrento Centre, Sorrento, BC.

Going Deeper: A Sadhana Retreat. Join Mugs for a weekend workshop of yoga based on the content of her forthcoming book, “Letters from the Masters: The Life of a Forgotten Yogi”.  For details click here to go to the Retreats page.